Part 2-Joining and wrapping

I have decided to incorporate mostly recycled ‘found’ objects for this project. My first collection, I collected last week on my weekly paddle with a Dragon Boat Racing team. The people in the group are the happiest people I have ever met. ‘Wireless Warriors’ are cancer survivors, sufferers and supporters. I feel it will be quite poignant to give life back, in the form of art, to items discarded or washed up along the shore.

So excited with my ‘found’ objects, rusty nails, numerous lengths of coloured rope, bundles of twisted wire, plastic strips and even a crab’s claw! Taking inspiration from Christo and Jean Claude’s wrappings, on a much smaller scale! I have wrapped the rope  and wire around the compressors, blocking groups of colour and type.


Surrounded Islands (Project for Biscayne Bay, Greater Miami, Florida)

“In 1983, eleven of the islands situated in Biscayne Bay, Greater Miami, were surrounded with 6.5 million square feet (603,870 square meters) of floating pink woven polypropylene fabric covering the surface of the water and extending out from each island into the bay”


Christo and Jeanne-“Claude have worked with trees for many years. The project originated in the 1960s, when the artists first proposed to wrap live trees. The Wrapped Trees in Riehen were the outcome of 32 years of effort”

Like Christo and Jeanne Claude, I too was hampered by the wind; when they  wrapped the Reichstag in 1995, severe winds turned the fabric panels into huge sails and work had to stop for a while.The immense projects they created took years of preparation and thought; the Reichstag took 27 years to seek permission from the German government.

“Temporary, because it challenges our notion of art to challenge the immortality of art. We make art not out of gold, silver or marble and think it would stay forever. Non-permanent art will be missed,” Christo explained during a training session for the monitors. “Also, the artwork cannot stay because it expresses freedom, poetic freedom — all projects are about freedom. This project cannot be bought or sold, nobody can charge, can sell tickets. Freedom is the enemy of possession,” said Christo, forcing us to consider our cultural role as consumers.

Research:Barbara CotterellDSCF6527

I admire the simplicity of Cotterell’s use of tea-bags, raw edges add an air of the ‘unfinished’ and something that is likely to evolve further.

Barbara Cotterell interview: From frugal foundations

“Stylistically, the strength of her work rests on three principles; reusing and recycling, producing work with a cloth-like quality and the repetition of patterns.”



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